Chimney Cowl Supply & Installation

It is integral that your chimneys are protected in order to ensure structural integrity and safety. That is why Aerial Services supply and install chimney cowls. Bird and squirrel nesting can be extremely difficult to remove, especially if a chimney has been left unused for many years. Chimney cowls are put in place to ensure birds can’t find a home in your chimney’s shaft.

Aerial Services make the process simple. Our expert and experienced team of chimney cowl installers remove any underlying concerns you may have regarding the proper installation of these important fixtures to your home. Trusted across our covered area of operations, Aerial Services are on hand to perform safe, lasting, and durable chimney cowl installations.

Moreover, chimney cowls prevent downdraft for when they are in use, preventing smoke from going the wrong way and flooding the room. As you can see, chimney cowls do quite a lot, and have become part and parcel of responsible chimney ownership and maintenance.

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