Home Networking

Home Networking – (WiFi)

Home Networking and (WiFi) enables all your devices like Alexa, mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc to connect to each other and the internet. We can hardwire your devices like CCTV, games consoles, Sky Q, etc or we can distribute your WiFi by installing Wireless Access Points enabling you to wirelessly connect a series of devices without the need of any messy cables getting in the way.


During the lockdowns more of us worked from home than ever before, we educated (or tried) our kids, we zoomed, we face timed all with varying degrees of success. Maybe you had to sit in a special way in certain rooms to connect to your WiFi as your devices wouldn’t operate as effectively elsewhere – we can sort this for you!

TV & Music streaming

Not only will you be able to utilise more practical devices with ease, but you’ll be able to link TVs, sound systems, and more too. Streaming devices such as Alexa, video doorbells, music streamers, smart TV – they all require access to the internet. Just get in touch with our team and find out how your home networking requirements can be fulfilled. We know every home is different, and act accordingly.


If your home network is frustrating you then we can help. Aerial Services have extensive experience gained in commercial settings like offices, pubs hotels and clubs this enables us to offer this service to you!

Dealing with networking daily, means that we have become the go to experts for bespoke design and installation. We understand that networking is an art as well as a science, which is why Aerial Services is continually called in to fulfil client requirements across Kettering and the surrounding areas.

For a seamless technological experience within the home or office contact Aerial Services today for free on 03330 063003, or by emailing support@aerialservices.tv.